Saturday, April 18, 2015

Fixing squeaky doors DIY fun family project

Squeaky door. They start very subtly, almost unnoticeable. And then, somehow, you cannot sleep lose your become weaker...The squeakiness becomes unstoppable. It penetrates you skull and chest and pins your will down! It destroys you.

Fix it now! Discuss the problem with whom you trust. Call Spider-man if you live in New York. Anywhere else you can call your local trusted handyman. Meditation may help you to stay calm until helps arrives. Think of different ways to resolve the problem. Any of your skills may come in handy.

I am a balloon twister. Squeaky sounds - I make them for fun. I make them for a living!.. Eventually, I run out of balloons.

Rapid fire semi-automatic does what it's built for... it keeps our spirit up!

The doG helps us! We have to lubricate the hinge.

Get the lubricant, a hammer and a nail. The nail should be of appropriate size to fit inside of the hinge.

If captain America can knock the pin from the hinge...then you can do it too!

The pin is dirty in rust. It is the source of the squeaky sounds!

You have to remove the dirt from the pin. You can do it using sandpaper. I use... a paper towel. Yeah! 

Also, you have to clean the hinge.

I use silicon lubricant (any lubricant: oil, butter, and/or jam will do) to lube inside of the hinge and to lube the pin.

Put the pin back inside of the hinge. You've silenced the door. Sleep well!
Have fun and happy doors :)

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