Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Summer in NYC


Summer in New York city is the busiest time.
The official color of the city is Green.
Life flourishes in the power of Green.
It’s time for city dwellers to take a swim in Green!
Summer in the city is time to fix everything…
Don’t waste summer time waiting contractors to never arrive!
Don’t let any kid,
even the nicest one,
to swing you away from the fly.
Spread your wings and go - fly!
The very first flight may end with a hard landing.
You aren’t the first or last to feel this way.
We feel for you - neighbor.
Put yourself quickly together,
get ready to give it another try.
We wish you a good flight!
And keep in your mind that
Summer in the city is the shortest and fastest of times!
Have fun and happy Summer :)

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