Sunday, October 25, 2015

Dragonfly larva in aquarium

It's very hard to spot a dragonfly larva. I don't see her for days and weeks. And then she shows up. I named her Nessie - because she is so elusive. She hasn't change visibly for the past month. Most of the time Nessie, seemingly for ever, stays still in one spot. It's challenging to capture Nessei on the move.

She has semi transparent body. You may see movements of her guts.

 Finally I see how she walks. Nessie does not like to be bothered! Notice the opening on the rear of her body.

I try to feed her with seaweed. Nessie shows no interest in this food for now. Her tail goes up and down as she gets agitated by fish. Wow! Did she bite fish. Was it in defense or an attack? She moves away under cover of rocks, moving vigorously her tail. However, Nessie doesn't run away from fish. I am going to turn off the bright light to see how Nessie looks in natural day light.

Pure magic! She disappeared leaving a featureless outline! We could not see her without the help of artificial light.

What kind of food may she like? The answer comes in one instantaneous move.

She can take on fish of her size. The attack stops as fast as it started.

 And then life goes as usually - Nessei stays still in one spot seemingly for ever.
Have fun and happy bug watching :)

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