Thursday, December 17, 2015

Nessie reveals herself - black saddlebags skimmer

In the third week of November I spotted Nessie (my dragonfly nymph) resting on the roots of peace lily. I have never before seen her getting so close to the surface. She stayed on this spot the entire day. 

The next morning I found her on the same spot. Now she was facing the bottom of the aquarium. I can count her breaths-pulse-or-what-ever-it-is! 

The third morning in a row. This time she surprised me even more! It is the first time I have ever seen Nessie surfaced from under the water! Apparently Nessie was up to something.

The next morning she got out of the water! My wife called me at 6am to tell me the news. When I got home I found what Nessie left on the stem of the leaf. You can see the opening on the back through which she broke out completing  her life cycle. 

Here is the side view of the remains.

And that is Nessie in all her beauty! We have to keep her safe in this butterfly habitat. 

She would get very excited every time I drop any small bug in the habitat. It takes effort to find bugs on cold autumn days!

My kid had a good time playing with Nessie. She didn't mind to sit on his hand!

And finally I can identify Nessie. Judging from her appearance she is a black saddlebags skimmer

Thank you everyone for helping me with Nessie's identification throughout her life stages' development!
Have fun and Happy bug hunting :)

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