Friday, March 4, 2016

I lost my wallet


I learned after I lost my wallet that kindness rules the world. Many thanks to the honest people who returned my wallet!
All that hassle can be avoided! Now I permanently keep a note in my wallet: If found, please call: my phone and my email. It makes it easier for honest people to find the owner. It may also save your time, money and peace of mind! 

Here is my real note. I keep it along with cash. If your wallet was stolen then this note is useless. Time will be crucial! You will have to make many phone calls to cancel all your cards and etc. On the back of my note I wrote four digit numbers for each of my credit cards. It looks like pin codes - keys to withdraw money! These are just random numbers. Entering a wrong pin three times in a row will temporary block the card. It will give me some time to cancel my cards!

There is a simple solution to preventing the accidental lost of a wallet. I tie my wallet to my pants. Any kind of string, cord or rope will do. Check out my previous video to see how I did it the first time around. Though, after some use I modified it slightly. 

Now I use about 120cm long piece of 550 paracord. 

Make a loop on the end of the cord. It should be wide enough for the wallet to pass through it. 

Secure the loop by tying a knot - I make a simple knot. 

Adjust the size of the loop before tightening the knot. Make sure the wallet passes freely through the loop. 

Make about the same size loop on the other end of the cord.

Pull one loop through the hole in the wallet. 

Pull one loop through the other loop. The wallet is attached to the cord. 

I attach the cord with my wallet to a belt on my pants in the same way. 

Pull the loop behind the belt. 

Pull the wallet through the loop. The wallet is attached to the pants. I can keep the wallet in the back pocket or the front pocket. The long cord allowed easy access to the cash and cards inside of the wallet, regardless of where you attach it. 

It is the simplest solution to prevent accidental loss of your wallet.
Have fun and keep your wallet safe :)

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