Sunday, August 7, 2016

Razor gaming mouse package repurposed as a fish tank DIY


The Razor gaming mouse comes in a very solid and well-designed package. I love it! It cost nothing to repurpose this package as a fish tank. 

A fish tank of this size makes a cozy home for a beta fish, a couple guppies, a swarm of planarian, some water snails, flowers and many other creatures. A computer desk, a kitchen table, windowsill, a stand alone small desk - you can place it virtually anywhere. It will give your eyes a place to rest when you take a break from playing games as a real pro :)

It's extremely easy to set up.
Rinse the clear plexiglass box. Cover the bottom with some rocks - I pick them on a street. Fill it up with water up to the holes. Add water plants - I got them from a local pond. Let it stay over night before you place any creatures in it!

The plastic black base of the package can be used as a top cover for the fish tank. I fully disassembled it and then cut off the bottom part. I used a soldering gun to cut a hole at the center of the plate - to feed the fish. Also, I enlarge the hole on the side of the plate to fit a plant through it. Finish the cut edges with sandpaper.

The carton label of the package comes in bright green color on the inner side. I like to use it for the background of the fish tank. It creates a nice optical illusion.

Have fun and happy home :)

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