Monday, October 17, 2016

Snail Wow Underwater Surfing


Water snails slowly move along surface of objects in the water. It is a common picture in aquariums. 

Now, let's take a closer look. Here you can see a snail at work cleaning the aquarium.

The average snail has more than 1000 tiny teeth. 

Moving and constantly picking up every bit of organic material.

Well, there are precious organic bits no snail dares to touch - snail eggs.

Occasionally, a snail may get a free ride. 

Who would not like it? 

Hey! You! Get off of me! 

OK, OK...

Look at the snail in the background. What? WOW!! 

Snail underwater surfing! How else you would describe it?! 

The snail does not wait for the wave. The snail makes the wave! 

And there is more to it. It can move in any direction! 
The snail cleans the water's surface! It can move in this fashion across the surface of a 30 liter aquarium in any directions for about 10 minutes on my observation.

Here you can see how the snail bends the water's surface.

Underwater side view.

Here is the final move to the shore.

Have fun and happy snails :)

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