Monday, December 11, 2017

Frozen Algae Fish Food

Every 2-3 weeks, I harvest algae from my algae scrubber.

 This algae scrubber HOG.5 was kindly provided to me by Santa Monica Filtration in July 2017. 
My fish and critters love it! 
And I do too!!

 Here you can see the algae growing in the scrubber. 

Let's get it out.

 There is enough algae to feed my fish until next harvest.
 Fish like algae!
 I feed my guppies with fresh algae, use algae to make fish food flakes, or freeze algae to keep it for longer.

 Cut chunks of algae into small pieces using plastic.

 Pour algae onto a plastic sheet/ tray. 

Spread the algae evenly.

 Use the same plastic card to split algae on small portions.
 Making smaller portions is better. 
Make space between each portion. 

Put the tray with algae in a freezer.

It takes a couple hours to fully freeze portions of this size. 

I keep a ziploc bag of frozen algae in my freezer for months.

 Drop a portion of frozen algae into an aquarium at feeding time. 
Frozen algae pellet floats on the top. 

Shortly, the algae thaws out and sinks as it is pulled down by fish. 
Here the feast begins. 

Snails and other aquatic critters that I keep in aquariums come later to pick up any left over of algae left by fish. 

So it goes around in a natural cycle.
 Fish eat algae. 
Growing algae consumes fish waste. 
Fish feeds on algae again. 

Have fun and happy aquariums :)   

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