Thursday, May 5, 2016

How to secure keys


I secure my keys in the same way as I secure my wallet using the same cord (paracord) to secure both items. The wallet is attached to the loop one end of the cord. And the keys are attached to the loop on the other end of the cord. The cord is tucked under the belt. I can easily detach keys from the cord at any time.

Let's assemble all items together.
First I attach the wallet to the cord. I have already explained how it's done in one of the previous videos.

 Place the wallet in a pocket of your pants.

Tuck the cord under the belt.

Thread the loop on the other end of the cord through the key ring.

Pull all keys through the loop. Tighten up the knot by pulling the cord away from the key ring. The keys are securely attached to the cord.

I like to keep keys separately from my wallet. I put keys in the front and the wallet in the back pocket.

To detach keys from the cord you have to loose the knot by pulling it away from the key ring.

 And then pull the keys through the loop. It all takes just a couple of seconds. Simple and effective.
Have fun and keep your keys safe :)

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