Wednesday, August 24, 2016

How to remove a sticker from a plastic bottle


Supplies: a plastic bottle, warm water and some oil (any oil you may find in your household).
We have to remove a sticker from a plastic bottle before we start any DIY project involving the bottle. It can be done in a matter of minutes.

Fill the bottle with hot water.

Leave the bottle for 1-2 minutes to warm up the glue holding the sticker.

Gently pull the corner of the sticker.

Remove the sticker in a slow, preferably continuous motion.

Check the bottle for any remnants of the glue. There is a lot of glue remaining on the bottle in this example.

Rub some oil (I use canola oil in this example) on the glue.

Use some plastic or your finger nails to remove the remains of the glue.

Wipe the bottle clean with napkins to remove glue and oil.

You may empty the bottle after the work is done.

Congratulations! We have removed a sticker from the plastic bottle. Have fun and happy DIY projects :)


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