Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Aloe in aquarium - Light side healing


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A long time ago...
In a Galaxy far far away...

Well, for real! It happened in New York.

8 months ago (December 2015I planted aloe vera in my aquarium.
It grew well until I moved the aquarium away from the window.
Lack of sunlight almost killed the plant! The roots were almost gone and the color of leaves became brownish.
To save the aloe I have to move it from the Dark side to the Light side!
I planted the aloe to a new aquarium next to the window at the beginning of August 2016.

And then about one month later...

The leaves still have the brownish color.
Old rotten roots gone.
However, there are four baby white roots growing rapidly!
The smallest root is about 5 mm long.

And the longest root is about 3 cm long.
These are sure signs of healing!

There are total of 6 leaves.
The large leaves are about 11 cm long.

Here you can see the discoloration of the leaves and the prevailing of the new roots

I covered three sides of the aquarium from the light - to keep the aquarium healthy, and because it's good for the aloe roots. The baby fish (guppies fry) provide all the necessary nutrition (poops) for the aloe plant.
Life is beautiful!
Have fun and happy aloe :)

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