Monday, September 26, 2016

Freshwater plants for aquarium


Water plants in an aquarium serve as: decoration, food for fish, place for fish to hide, and to maintain chemical balance of water.

I've been keeping some water plants found in lakes of Central park of NY in my aquarium. 

The duckweed floats on the water's surface.

There are two types of water plants submerged under the water. One has narrow leaves and the other one has wider leaves.

At the bottom of the tank grows different type of water plant - it resembles moss.

Here is another of my aquariums with similar water plants.

I look for the water plants at lakes in NY throughout the summer and early fall.

The duckweed comes with long roots.

One can easily pick it up with a stick. Drain excess water from the plants. 

And then place it in a...ziploc.

Here is a sample of a water plant with wide leaves.

And this is a water plant with narrow leaves.

The moss-like water plants can be found at the bottom of the lake.

You have to consider before you drop any water plant in your fish tank that water plants are home for many creatures. 

Here you can see water snails eggs attached to the plant.

Here you can see a swarm of tiny creatures. Some of them could be harmful to your fish.

Some of them are fun to keep!

To reduce the risk of contamination, I rinse water plants under tap water. Keep them in a separate bowl filled with water over night. And only then transfer water plants to aquariums. 
Again water snail eggs.

One never knows what the next surprise will be. 
Have fun and happy water plants :)

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