Thursday, September 29, 2016

DIY Aquarium of plastic bottle Improved


A long time ago...
In a Galaxy far far away...
the plastic bottle aquarium was created in New York of planet Earth in the Summer of 2016. Consequently, the second grader and his assistant dare to improve what seems to be impossible. Months of ground breaking research and continued field testing yield amusing results saving lives of an infinite number of guppies and betta fish. The original version of the improved plastic bottle aquarium set to be released for kids of Public School...the future of the world is in their hands!..

Remove a sticker from plastic bottle.

Cut off the bottom part of the bottle.

I am going to use the bottom part as a lead for the aquarium.

Use a hot soldering iron and knife to cut a hole at the center of the lead.

Apply hot glue in the middle of the bowl.

Press the bottle cap into the glue.

Apply some hot glue on the seam between sides of the bottle cap and the bowl.

Screw the bottle into the cap.

Use a marker to mark a spot on the back of the aquarium about 1 cm above the bottle cap, where you want to make a hole for the tube.

Unscrew the bottle.

Use the hot soldering iron to cut the hole.

Cut aslant the end of the tube.

Insert the tube through the hole in the bottle.

Point the opening of the tube to the bottle cap. The end of the tube hangs freely in the middle of the bottle.

Cut the tube of desirable length - it should be longer than the bottle!

Apply hot glue to seal the hole around the tube.

Hold the tube along the bottle while the glue cools down.

Screw the bottle into the cap. Cover the aquarium with the lead. Pull the free end of the tube through the handles of a paper clip. Fix the paper clip to the edge of the lead.

This time I want to glue large rocks to the bowl. Wash and dry rocks before applying any glue. I glue one rock at a time.

Place one large rock inside of the aquarium.

Fill up aquarium with water. Let the water settle overnight or 24 hours before adding any live creatures (fish, water snails, water plants and etc).

Congratulations! We have made an aquarium out of plastic bottle.

To remove the fish poop from the bottom of the aquarium you have to release the end of the tube from the paper clip.

Lower the end of the tube below water level. The lower the end of the tube the faster water flow from the bottom of the aquarium.

Remember to secure the end of the tube with the paper clip after you've done cleaning. And then add adequate amount of water to the aquarium.

The lead on top of the aquarium reduces evaporation, prevents dust from getting inside of the aquarium, stops fish from accidental jumping out of aquarium. And we can use the lead as a housing for some plants.

Have fun and happy fish :)

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