Thursday, October 6, 2016

Slug as a pet


I found a slug on the street of NY. It could be fun to make it a pet.

I have to build a home for my new pet. Get some dirt and bake it at 400 F to kill all the creatures it may come with.

I'm going to use a 5 liter plastic bottle as a tank for the home - though a larger size aquarium will be better.

Let's cut off the top part of the bottle.

Now if we flip over the top part of the bottle it would make a nice lid for the home.

Let the dirt cool down. Then pour about 5 cm deep of dirt in the home.

Place some rocks, tree bark and etc.

Spray it with water. Slugs need moisture, but they don't swim!

Most slugs are vegetarians - feed  them daily with fresh vegie.

Slugs are explorers. Therefore, a larger size aquarium is preferable to keep slugs. And the dirt in the aquarium need to be replaced every week or so.

The lid keeps the slug and the moisture trapped inside while the hole in the lid provides access to fresh air.

To prevent the slug from escaping through the hole in the lid, it can be closed from inside with the original cap or from outside with a...disposable plastic cup.

I am planning to release my slug or bring it to a science class of my kid school. Let kids take care of it! Have fun and happy slug :)

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