Saturday, December 24, 2016

Fish food grinder dispenser


Once in a while, my lovely wife buys seasoning in a jar with a grinder. It takes no imagination to use it for what it's designed - dispensing ground herbs. Most of the dry fish food belongs to this category! 

Take the empty jar apart.

Wash thoroughly and dry all parts of the jar.

I am going to fill the jar with dry seaweed collected last Summer.
Check out the video about how I cooked it :)

Normally, I crush fish food flakes between fingers.
From now on, it will be done by the grinder!
You might understand why my wife appreciates it so much if you know how badly seaweed stinks ;)

Let's see how well it works.
Some small particles get through when I shake it.

Now let's use the grinder.
It works!

Note how many twists it takes to dispense the necessary amount of food.
With a couple feedings a day, it should take 2-3 minutes for fish to consume all food.

Have fun and happy fish :)

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