Friday, January 20, 2017

Breeding small guppies - newborn!


January 15th, 2017
A pair of guppies were born.
It would be a regular event but one fact makes it an extraordinary.
 The babies were conceived and brought to life by a pair of parents born and grown in this 1.6 liter aquarium.
The parents are about 6 months old (born in July 2016).
 I chose the smallest parents to breed a strain of small guppy.
They are under 2 cm long :)
 The small size and young age of the fish and the small size of the aquarium could be the reasons for a small quantity of babies - just 2.
The small number of babies partially eliminates an issue of culling unwanted fish.
 It is something many of us would welcome as an inherent trait.

 I decided to keep the babies with their parents for now - I think the parents are too small to eat the babies.
And there are plenty of safe places for babies to hide.

January 19th, 2017
 5 day old babies are doing fine.
 Guppies kept in larger size aquariums have a 2-5 year lifespan.
 I wonder how long guppies may live in small aquariums.

I don't feed fry with any special baby food.

 Here you can see the baby nibbles on java moss.
Babies have enough of this food, and there are some little water creatures to enrich their diet.

And look at the parents!
The male is already performing a mating dance!

This birth is an important milestone that changed the possibility of keeping and breeding fish in small aquariums to an accomplished fact.
Have fun and happy fish :)

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