Monday, January 23, 2017

Damselfly nymph. The first encounter

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October 10th, 2016
I got some freshwater plants (for my aquarium) from the lake of Central Park, NYC.

One water creature stands out among the innumerable amount of tiny water creatures that come along with plants.
I identify this creature - thanks to the help of many YouTubers in the comments of my previous videos about the dragonfly nymph.

This creature is a damselfly nymph.
Damselfly nymphs are predators.
They eat small aquatic creatures like daphnia.

I have a lot of tiny creatures to feed the nymph! 

The damselfly nymph has three fins at the end of its tail.
Those fins are gills!
It moves like a bug and swims like a fish!
I let the nymph stay in my 10 gallon aquarium for now.
There is a chance it may develop into a damselfly and teach me and my kid some cool stuff about nature.

Have fun and happy damselfly :) 

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