Thursday, January 26, 2017

Dragonfly nymph encounter


November 25th, 2016
 I found this nymph in my aquarium a month after I got some water plants from the lakes of Central park of NYC.
 Apparently, it hatched from an egg I did not wash off from the water plants.
 Thanks to the help of YouTubers for identifying my previous "water bug"
I know it is a dragonfly nymph. 
It has a different color suggesting that it is a different type of dragonfly.
 It may take many long months for the nymph to evolve into a dragonfly. 
I want to keep this one in a smaller aquarium for easier observations.
 Well, the smaller aquarium does not make it easier to spot the nymph.
 There are weeks when I don't get a single glimpse of my nymph.
 It knows how to hide by staying still for hours in anticipation of prey. 
Have fun and happy Dragonfly nymph :)

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