Monday, March 27, 2017

Bugs in my aquarium


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I have shown my aquariums many times before: how to make them, plants, snailsnymphs, and fish.
But I never showed the microscopic and essential part of my aquariums' environments.

Take a close look at the bottom of the aquarium.
 I have temporarily moved the fish, plants, rocks and water.

 Here you can see what is left.
Some snails, debris of plants, fish poop...
Do you see any moving things?

Some are worm-like and some are speckle size dots.
 They live in my aquariums since I brought them, along with wild water plants collected at lakes.
It took me long time to separate and identify some of them.

 I dispose of all harmful creatures, while keeping and populating with those that are useful.

This creature is known as Copepod or Cyclops.

It is about 1 -2 mm size.
It has a semitransparent body with one eye.

 It moves by leaping around.
 Copepods eat algae, organic detritus, and bacteria.
Guppy fry and adult fish eat copepods.
 Copepods are fun and beneficial for any aquarium.

Here you can see a couple of different creatures.
Let me introduce the worm-like first.

It is known as Tubifex.
Don't get it confused with Nematodes, shown at the beginning of the video.
Tubifex are reddish worms used as fish food.
 This one is about 2 cm long.
Tubifex lives at the bottom of a tank bared in sand or gravel.
 They consume decaying vegetables.

Too many of them living in an aquarium indicates that the aquarium is dirty!

This creatures is know as Planarian.
It is about 1 cm long.

It has an arrowhead shaped semitransparent flat body with two light sensitive spots.
Planarian eat small dead or living creatures, eggs, and anything they catch.
 Planarian have some amusing abilities.
Check out my previous videos about planarian.
Too many of them suggests that an aquarium is dirty!

 This creature is known as Seed Shrimp or Ostracod.
 They move in a funny fashion.
 You can see them swimming across open water from wall to wall, walking on plants and on and in substrate - they are everywhere!

 Adult seed shrimps are about 1-2 mm. 
They eat all kind of organics detritus, acting as a natural bio filters cleaning up aquariums.

 Adult fish and new born guppy fry alike love to eat seed shrimps.
 There is never enough of them to feed my fish. 
All together it makes ostracoda the most welcome creatures in my aquariums, even at nurseries without any fish.

 Those are beneficial water creatures that I managed so far to identify and keep in my aquariums.
 It leaves many more for future explorations!
 Have fun and happy aquariums :)

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