Thursday, April 20, 2017

Nymph Eats Fish

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The top view of an aquarium.

Here you can see a dragonfly nymph.
 The diet of my dragonfly nymphs consists of fish.
 This nymph just caught a guppy baby.
You will see it better from the side.

Here it is.
 The fish is still alive.

There is no escape.

 The dragonfly nymphs can bite even an adult male guppy in half.
The attack takes a fraction of a second.
 I have it on a record in one of my previous video (watch at 2:09 and 3:29).
It took the nymph about 4 minutes to devour this fish.

It never dropped a piece!

 In the wild, dragonfly nymphs hunts and eat other nymphs, larvae and small fish.
 I keep this dragonfly nymph in an aquarium populated with guppies.
 A healthy couple of guppies have dozens of babies a couple times an year.
The nymph helps to avoid the problem of overpopulation with guppy babies maturing at the age of 3-4 month.

 The nymph eats 1-2 baby fish a month or a week depending on the size and age of the nymph.

Have fun and happy nymph :)  

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