Thursday, May 18, 2017

Newborn Guppies


May 14th, 2017
This big guppy mom gave birth to 13 babies on Mother's day.
It is the 4th time she has given birth since her birthday in July 1016.
This couple is doing alright as you can see.

It's hard to see all 13 babies at once.

I set up nursery aquariums a couple months ago. 
That is where I am going to move the babies in two groups.

I put 6 babies in this nursery.
I transfer babies using a pipette. 
Check my video on how to make a pipette (link in description to the video).

Here you can see 6 aquariums.
The parents' aquarium is on the left.

The female is about 3 cm long.
The male is about 2.5 cm long.
Also, I keep one newborn baby in this aquarium for now.
Would it make the mom happier?

All other newborn babies I put in these two aquariums.
There are 6 babies in each aquarium.

In this aquarium, I keep a female born in January 15th 2017.
She is about 2 cm long.
The male is about 2 cm long, born from different parents in November 2016.

Next is an aquarium with 2 guppies born in February 2017.
They are growing fine.

I keep babies born in April 2017 in the last aquarium.
There were 8 babies born.
I can see only 7 fry.

All fish seem to be doing fine.
The older fish is already mating.
It reminds me to prepare a couple new nurseries.
Have fun and happy fish :)   

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