Thursday, June 1, 2017

Aloe Aquarium Gardening


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May 15th, 2017 
In the two weeks after I showed this Aloe, the new leaf grew larger.

Here you can see it.

Unfortunately, the root has rotted. 
No roots are left in the water.

 I decided to replant the Aloe in a planter with two funnels. 

Here you can see the remains of the rotten root.

I used moss to cover sand in the planter.

 I did not water the aloe. 
Nevertheless, you can see the sand is wet.

 Gently remove the aloe from the old planter. 

The roots grown in the planter look healthy. 

I washed the plant under running water to remove the remains of the rotten root.

 Put a layer of padding polyester to cover all holes in the planter.

 Then, place the plant and fill up the planter with sand. 
Water it and add more sand as needed. 

Here you can see the two funnels.
 Now I am going to place the aloe on top of aquarium. 

May 27th, 2017
 About two weeks passed since I replanted this aloe. 
I covered the sand with moss.
 It looks nicer this way and the moss keeps moisture in the planter.
 I do not water the aloe. 

The youngest leaf has noticeably grown since I replanted the aloe. 
Here you can see it between older leaves. 

The plant looks good.
 Have fun and happy plants :) 

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