Monday, September 18, 2017

Growing Terrestrial Moss in Aquarium


May 7th, 2017
 I took different types of land moss samples during this trip to Central Park of NYC to check if any of them could grow underwater in aquariums.
 Check my previous videos for land mosses in aquarium.

Moss doesn't have roots.

Wash moss thoroughly under running water to prevent it from rotting.

I believe this is Hypnum moss - correct me if I am wrong.

Soak the moss in dechlorinated water.

I keep samples of moss in cups of water for at least a week and up to a couple months.
I think it is safe to move moss to an aquarium if the water stays clean and moss remains green.

 This moss seems to like the sun.

I keep it on a window sill exposed to direct sunlight.

 June 5th, 2017
The moss stays green submerged in a cup of water for almost a month!

Time to test it in a new nursery with little aquatic critters (snails, seed shrimps and etc).

A cutting of Wandering Jew plant goes on the top of the vase to make it look prettier.

The video about Wandering Jew plant is coming soon ;)

July 7th, 2017
I added newborn guppies to this nursery aquarium.

 The moss looks healthy.

September 3rd, 2017
The fish waste boosted the growth of the moss in the past month.

Note: I placed this nursery with fish on the window sill only to give you the best view in sunlight.

The Hypnum moss looks and grows gorgeously in my aquariums through the Summer.

 I am curious to see if it grows underwater all year around.
Have fun and happy aquarium :)  

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