Monday, September 11, 2017

Algae Natural Cleaners

August 16th, 2017
I keep seed shrimps, cyclopes, and daphnia in this 2.5 liters nursery aquarium filled with gravel, filamentous algae, and different types of land moss.
 Seed shrimps make up the largest part of my aquarium cleaning crew.
They eat all organic detritus and algae.

I harvested about 200 ml of algae from my algae scrubber HOG.5 that keeps my aquarium clean.
 I am feeding all this algae to my cleaning crew.

The water turns green and cloudy.

Layer of algae cover everything.

7 am. August 17th, 2017
The tiny critters are busy at work - crunching algae.

Seed shrimps are everywhere!

Remains of algae are still visible.

 5 pm. August 17th, 2017
 There is no visible activity...the algae amount reduced to almost nothing.
Note: there is no fish in this tank.
I keep all my nursery aquariums with tiny critters on the window sill, exposed to direct sunlight.
They love sunlight and so does algae!
 They love warm water and so does algae!
Algae take ammonia and other nutrients from the water, making it clean.

August 23rd, 2017
 Growth of algae is followed by growth of little critters population.

 The same nursery with a blossoming population of seed shrimps.

 I move some of the critters to aquariums that are populated with fish.
Fish, especially newborn guppies, love to eat seed shrimps.
Those tiny critters, that don't get eaten right away, keep aquariums clean.
It is a daphnia.
 A nursery like this, kept in direct sunlight, sustains itself for whole Summer - I only add dechlorinated water as necessary.
Have fun and happy aquariums :)   

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