Sunday, February 7, 2016

Myour playing cards power pack


The size of the power pack is defined by the size of playing cards. I draw my playing cards on index cards size 7.6 cm x 12.7 cm. 

You need 3 blank cards to make the power pack.

Take one card and fold it leaving some space (about 0.7 cm - 1 cm) between the edges of the card.

We have made one pocket.

 Place the 1st folded card on top of the 2nd card. The shorter side should be on top.

Align cards leaving a space between the edges that is the same size as what you made for the 1st pocket.

Fold the 2nd card.

We have made three pockets.

Place the first two folded cards on the top of the 3rd card.

Align cards leaving the same size space between edges of the 3rd and the 2nd cards as you made for the 1st pocket.

Fold the 3rd card.

We have made five pockets.

Write the power level at the visible corner of each pocket.

Here I indicate power levels as follow: 10; 20; 30; 40; 50. We have made the power pack!

You may customize it in different ways. Flip over the pack - all short sides face down.

Make about 1 cm wide upward fold.

This folds makes it easier to hold the pack.

You can decorate the power pack with drawings and color it to your like.

Wrap a rubber band around the base of the power pack to keep all pockets together. It also makes it easier to hold the power pack and keeps the playing cards in the pockets.

Load your chosen playing cards into the pockets of the power pack.

You are all set to play!

You can use a paper clip instead of or along with a rubber band.

Have fun and happy Myour game :)

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