Monday, March 6, 2017

Hairgrass Aquarium Garden

January 4th, 2017
I bought an aqua plant known as Hairgrass (Eleoshairs acicularis) for my plastic bottle aquariums.

 Instructions for growing this plant imprinted on the package.

 It comes with 2-5 cm long leaves. 
I wonder how tall it may grow.

 Thoroughly wash the plants. 

I place plants in a tank filled with dechlorinated water for a day or two.
 I do it to check if the plants come with any unexpected live creatures.

 Everything looks good and safe.
 It's time to plant. 

I split each bush in half. 

Plant them in nurseries covering roots with gravel (or whatever you have). 

 I add snails and some other little creatures to all plant nurseries. 
Let the plants grow.
 Remember to add dechlorinated water as it evaporates.

 March 1st, 2017 
Two months passed quick! 
The hairgrass has grown noticeably without any artificial light.
 It's impressive for short winter days! 
I put small guppies in the former plant nurseries in the last month. 
Now they are fully set small size aquariums with various plants, snails, and fish. 

Some leaves of hairgrass have grown to about 8-9 cm long.
 Guppies nibble on hairgrass. 
Larger fish may pull out some leaves.

 When it happens, I replant hairgrass that comes out with roots in a new plant nursery. 

I like how hairgrass grows in my plastic bottle aquariums.
 Have fun and happy aquariums :) 

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