Saturday, March 11, 2017

Peace Lily Aquarium Garden


January 7th, 2017
I showed this Peace lily plant in my previous video about 2 months ago.

 It grows steadily in short winter days.
 Many new leaves sprouted.

 Roots grow away from the window (the source of light).

Occasionally I turn the other side of the plant toward the window.
The 3 old leaves protrude above water.
 It allows me to keep all new leaves submerged under water.
 When I tried to keep 2 old leaves under it, they got damaged.
It seems that at least one leaf has to protrude above the water for the plant to grow.

March 8th, 2017
 I have moved the plant to a plastic bottle aquarium nursery.

 I cut off all the damaged leaves.

Cut leaves close to the base.

 Let's get the plant out of the plant holder.
This plant holder works well in the large aquarium.

 I think this plant is large enough for this nursery to stay without any plant holder.
Some roots are already over 20 cm long.

 Put the plant in the nursery.
 Make sure to keep at least one leaf above the water.

Peace lily is my favorite low maintenance and slow growing plant that loves shadows.
Have fun and happy plant :)

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