Wednesday, April 12, 2017

New Born Guppy small strain


April 6th, 2017
This couple of guppies (born in July 2016) are having babies for the 3rd time!
This time, 8 babies were born.

Here you can see 4 aquariums.

 The parents are, as always, busy.
They are doing fine.
I moved newborn babies to a nursery aquarium.

Here you can see some of them at the top.

The others are somewhere at the bottom.
 This nursery is also populated with snails, planarian, and seed shrimps.

Next is a nursery with a pair of siblings born in February 2017.

 And the next nursery is where the oldest pair of siblings (born in January 2017) live.
All fish look healthy so far.

 This is a large male for my project.
 Being about 3 month old, he is the same size as his father.

 Now, back to the newborn fry.
 I have to prepare more nurseries to accommodate all babies until they grow old enough to see which is suitable for breeding a small size strain.

Have fun and happy fish :) 

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