Monday, April 10, 2017

Planarian and Seed Shrimp Attack Snail Eggs

Here you can see a planaria next to a jelly blob filled with snail eggs.
 Planarian are carnivorous flat worm creatures.
 They devour small living (or dead) little creatures (protozoans), little worms, small snails, and their eggs.

 Here you can see what is left.
 Some baby snails were lucky to survive. 

I speed up this video clip by 3 times.
 Here another planaria comes.

 Seems that planarian can sense each other's tracks.

 You can see how a planaria plunges through the jelly blob searching for prey.

 The remains of the jelly blob and whatever is left inside also attracts seed shrimps.
One little fellow cannot do much.
 But they take on any organic remains in numbers.

 The planaria returns for another run through the jelly blob. 

I would be cautious about placing planarian in an aquarium with fish eggs.
 Livebearing guppies seem to have no problem living with planarian.

 Seed shrimps are my trusted aquarium cleaning crew. 
They do wonders when it comes to it. 

Large adult snails seem to be safe from planarian.

 Have fun and happy aquarium :) 

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