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Least Killifish breeding tank

Least Killifish breeding tank

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I've been using this 1.5 liter aquarium garden for many different projects shown in my previous videos.
It is one of my sustainable aquariums with plants, snails and scuds where I don't change water at all.
This small pretty looking tank is always ready for housing small fish in emergency situations.

I got four Least Killifish from my friend in November 2023.
This 1.5 liter aquarium comes handy again for housing my new fish until I prepare a larger tank for them.

Here you can see males busy competing.
Small aquariums like this one serve great for making observations.
My about 2 cm long Least Killifish seem to be comfortable in this tank.

Here you can see the female - it looks like she is already pregnant :)
Let me zoom on her for a better view.
It is her first pregnancy and my first experience with Least Killifish too :)
Least Killifish have interesting behavior.
Males seem to be very competitive.

My least killifish hunted down all baby scuds in this tank in a matter of the first week.
So, I think a larger aquarium would be better for a larger population of scuds.
Re-growing live food in the aquarium is essential for sustainability.
For now I've been adding scuds to this aquarium weekly.
It takes more than a month to establish a colony of scuds in a new aquarium.

Here you can see a about 5 years old 8 liters sustaining aquarium garden with Endlers and...a lot of snails.
No water changes, no filters - no tech.
My youngest son has been taking care of this tank for the past years.

Blue star Endlers have been breeding proficiently in this aquarium.
So, I think the smaller size Least Killifish should be very comfortable in a similar tank.

My granddaughter was happy to help me out :)
She let me reset her tank shown in a previous video about growing Guppy grass.
I love her aquarium garden as it was very beautiful - don't get me wrong.
It simply was easier technically to reset the aquarium instead of transporting it with water.

I completely reset the 8 liters aquarium and let it sit for 6 weeks populated with snails and scuds.

December 16th, 2023.

I use a turkey baster to catch and transfer Least Killifish to their new 8 liter aquarium.
Using turkey baster is less disturbing in small aquariums than using a fish net.

Here you can see all 3 Least Killifish from the top.
My friend gave me 4 fish.
I lost one male in the first week - hardship of adoption.

Here is a side view.
You may have noticed that Least Killifish males compete even during transfer.
These little fighters go full body contact - not just show off pretty tails as guppies or endlers do!

The female did not fight back this time...hmm.
Well, I better hurry up and move them to the large tank.
Fish will be safer in the larger tank.

Here they go.

This tank is much more specious.
There are snails and scuds and I am planning to add some rocks next month.

Here you can see the same aquarium about a month later on January 22, 2024.
Males are busy chasing each other.

And here you can see about one week old baby Least Killifish - the treasure of this aquarium :)

I have great plans for this baby!
Will keep you updated.

Have fun and happy fish :)

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