Thursday, July 21, 2016

Light box for stop motion photography


Previously, I made my stop motion photography studio under Ikea dinning table. My initial set-up left room for improvements. I made retractable light screens - they can be used as light screens or as a background for photography, stop motion and etc. And I can use the same retractable light screens to make spacious light box under my Ikea dining table. The area under table will also serve as a storage place for the light screens when they are not in use.

Flip the table over for easier access to the are under the table.

Attach a loop of cord with a keychain clip on it at each corner under the table.

I loop the cord around the attachment that connects the table top with legs. And then tie it as close as I can - the main goal is to make it stay as close as possible to the table top.

Here I use a wire hook to pull the cord.

In this picture you can see how it looks like when it's done.

Now we can attach the light screens.

I have prepared two light screens and one window's blind. The small light screen has the same width as the narrow side of the table (size measured between table legs). This light screen will cover both narrow sides of the table!

Here I attach the window blind (it will serve as the background for my projects).

This blind can be seen through. Therefore, I added a wide light screen behind the blind.

Flip the table up into its normal position. That's it! That is what the light box looks like when it is not in use.

Look under the table to see how the light screens are stored.

It takes about 2 minutes to set up the light box for a photo session. First I unroll the narrow side light screen.

Pull the narrow light screen to the other side of the table and attach it.

Now we can pull down the wide background. Stretch it to the front of the box. As I mentioned before, you can see through this particular background.

I use wide light screen behind the blind to eliminate this issue.

There are minor gaps at the corners of the light box.

I use paper clips to close the gaps.

We have made a fully functional and very large size light box suitable for all kinds of photography, stop motion and etc.

When the light box is not in use, I store it under the table. Have fun and happy photography :)

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