Sunday, February 19, 2017

Nymphs in my aquariums


February 18th 2017
 Some days, and even weeks, I don't see any of my nymphs - they prefer to hide. 
Today is a rare occasion!
 Three of them show up!

 Here is my smallest damselfly nymph. 
It's about 1.5 cm long. 

You may notice it moves.

 I keep the middle sized damselfly nymph in this aquarium.

This nymph is over 2 cm long.

 I use both aquariums as nurseries for water plants.
 There are some snails, but no fish for now.

I keep the larger damselfly nymph in this aquarium.
 Who knows where it's hiding.

Although, here you can see my dragonfly nymph!

Well, it's not the best view...
 I am preparing a video about this nymph with some good footage!

 Have fun and happy nymphs :) 

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