Thursday, June 8, 2017

Quick and Tasty Meat. Best Gift for Father

My little son asked what I want for my birthday.
 Hmm...I want you to make me a nice meal.
 I love meat. 
Here is how I want you to cook it for me. 

I am going to cook boneless pork chops, in this example. 
Though, you can use different meat.

 Prepare salt and your favorite spices, sunflower or any vegеtable oil.

 You will need a big knife and a meat tenderizer. 

Each piece of meat is about the size of my palm and 2-3 cm thick.
 It is thick enough.
 Though, the palm size slice is rather large for my taste. 

Let's cut it into 4 smaller pieces. 

Prepare the rest of the meat in the same way.
 Hammer each piece of meat flat, making it about 0.5 cm thick. 
Be mindful of your force!
Apply even force to flatten the piece of meat to about 1 cm thick. 

Then flip the piece of meat over and hammer it again to make it about 0.5 cm thick. 

Repeat it as necessary.
 It is important to make the meat evenly thick. 
Prepare all meat in the same way. 

You can use the dull side of the large knife instead of a meat tenderizer.
 Once again, be mindful of your force!
 Even the dull side of a knife cuts through the meat. 

Hammer the meat in crisscross strokes. 

Prepare all meat to be evenly thick.

 Put a frying pan on medium heat.

 Pour some vegetable oil on the frying pan to cover the bottom.

 Salt and spice each piece of meat on both sides. 

First I apply salt and then apply spices on one side. 

Flip the meat over. 

Apply salt and spices on this side of each piece. 
Prepare all meat in the same way and put it in one pile.

 Put pieces of meat on a preheated frying pan to cover the bottom of the pan.
 Be careful!
 Hot oil splashes violently when mixed with juices from the meat. 

Cover the frying pan to prevent oil splashing.

 Check on meat in about 3-5 minutes.

The meat is ready when it is white on the top side and golden on the fried side. 

Flip the meat over to fry it to the golden color on both sides.
 Meat pieces shrink down as you fry them. 
Move the less fried meat closer to the center of the frying pan. 

Remember to use a glove or something appropriate to hold the hot frying pan if you have to! 

Remove cooked meat from the frying pan. 

Serve the meat as it is, with a side dish, or make a sandwich. 

Have fun and happy meal :)   

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