Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Newborn Guppy Small Size Strain 2nd line


April 10th, 2017
I chose this pair of guppies for breeding the 2nd line of small size guppy.
They are born from different parents.
The male was born in November 2016.
 The female was born in January 2017.

 They are about 2 cm each.
 Both fish were born and are growing in plastic bottle aquariums.

 June 6th, 2017
They have 2 newborn babies!

Here you can see one baby. 
 It is resting on top of a leaf.

 The second baby is hiding somewhere here.
 Here it is resting on a leaf.

 I am going to move these babies to a nursery aquarium that I have prepared weeks before.
 Birth of these babies is a significant event.
They are the first born to parents that were born and grew in plastic bottle aquariums.

I use a pipette to transfer babies.
I populate the nursery aquariums with seed shrimps, cyclopes, snails and different plants.

Here are guppies of both lines.
Guppies of the 1st line are on the left, starting with the parents.

Here you can see the parents with 1 baby from their last drop.
The parents don't eat the baby.
 I have a couple thoughts about this to share in a separate video.
 The size of all adult fish remains about the same since the middle of May 2017.

 Here come other babies of this parenting couple.
You can see their birthday dates on top of each aquarium.
That was the 1st line.

 And here is the 2nd line.
The parents are on the right.
The 6 month old female was born from the parents of the 1st line.
 The 8 month old male was born from different parents.
 Here you can see them.

 All my guppies originated from one pair of snakeskin guppies I bought back in 2001.
16 years of random breeding in one aquarium has wiped out the original color pattern.
This pair of newborn guppies may help to breed guppies with size under 2 cm - the ultimate goal of this project.
 In the description to the video, you will find a link to Breeding Guppy Small Size Strain Data sheet for easy tracking of the progress.
 All fish are doing fine.
Life is beautiful!

Have fun and happy fish :)   

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