Monday, September 4, 2017

Algae Filter

Light and nutrition are necessary for growing algae.
 Control algae by regulating either light, nutrition, or both.
 August 6th, 2017
I purposely infested this aquarium with algae to check how the HOG.5 algae scrubber handles it.

Place the HOG.5 algae scrubber in the aquarium.
Please check my previous video for more details about the HOG.5.

Water is green and cloudy. 

 August 7th, 2017
 The aquarium is clean!

August 8th, 2017
The aquarium remains clean.

It is important to understand that algae is always in the aquarium. 

The algae scrubber provides the best place for algae to grow - inside of the scrubber!

It has the most desirable surface for algae to attach to.
 And it has the light necessary for algae.

 Algae consumes nutrition dissolved in the water (ammonia, nitrites and etc.) and grows inside of the scrubber.

 August 11th, 2017
The more you feed fish, the more nutrients are in water, the faster algae grows.

August 15th, 2017
 Some amount of algae can be found in all aquariums.

Algae attaches to surface of walls, plants, and rocks.

 It grows and eventually gets eaten by fish, snails, and other critters.
I usually leave it for them to eat - they do it for a living ;)

 Algae can be removed from walls with a brush, a plastic scrubber, or a sponge.

Move the sponge along the wall in one smooth swipe from the bottom to the top.

 Rinse the sponge and repeat as needed.

August 16th, 2017

 Time to harvest algae.

This time I got more algae!

 Look at this female guppy happily eating a huge chunk of algae!

 Collect algae from the scrubber.

Here you can see seed shrimps swimming in the collected algae.

Algae can be used as it is to feed land plants, tiny aquatic critters, and fish.
 I also, store algae in the freezer for later use.

 A small size sponge works better for cleaning the wall from algae - it has less water intake.

 Fish are trying to eat algae as I scrub it away :)

 Clean the algae scrubber.

I am going to show in one of my incoming videos how my little cleaning crew handles this algae ;)

Put the algae scrubber back in the aquarium.

 The HOG.5 algae scrubber keeps my aquarium perfectly clean through the initial setup and the algae infested time.

 I am going to check how it works with more fish in the aquarium.
Click here to find which algae scrubber is better for your aquariums.
 Have fun and happy aquarium :) 

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